Peony Dress #2 – Polka Dots


This is the second completed version of the peony dress. I made another one in fuschia cotton pique which I worked on at Gertie’s Sewing Retreat, but since I was running out of that fabric, I decided to try to perfect the fit using this polka dot cotton twill. I will finish the pink one soon.

Fabric: Polka dot cotton twill from Fabricville

Pattern: Colette Peony Dress

Alterations: Lowered darts on front bodice. Pinched out length in mid bodice back. Due to odd length of darts in the back we separated the back pieces so the darts were replaced with a new seam. I think we also extended the armholes so they weren’t cutting into the bodice as much.

You are probably wondering who “we” is. Well, I’ve mentioned Gertie’s Sewing Retreat a number of times. Gertie is a sewing blogger, book author, pattern designer and sewer extraordinaire! I went to her first ever sewing retreat in her home town, Beacon, NY. You can read Gertie’s description of it here. It was so much fun! Sewing can be such a solitary hobby. It was so nice to spend a weekend with a group of women are as passionate about sewing as I am.

I brought 5 different muslins to the retreat. Gertie, and her lovely assistant Fleur, helped me adjust the fit. This was the garment I spent the most time on. As you can see, the fit is much better than the first dress. It no longer looks like a cowl neck.

041 - edited

Also, the back is way less baggy.

034 - edited


So much better!

These photos were taken on the rooftop of the Seaport Farmer’s Market.


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