Peony Dress #1


Pattern:  Colette Peony Dress

Fabric:  Suiting material from Fabricville discount section (not sure on the fiber content)

Alterations:  Cut a size 10 in the bodice, but graded to a 12 in the waist and 14 in the hips.  There was a lot of gaping in the back neck so I took it in a few inches at the center back seam (more on this below).  I also made pleats at the front rather than the little gathers called for in the pattern.

I adore this dress!  I made it several months ago and I probably wear it to work every other week.  I love the simple silhouette.  It’s the kind of dress you can make over and over again.  And depending on the fabric, it is a dress that can easily be office appropriate. 

This is my first muslin of this dress.  And as much as I love it, there are some problems with the fit.  First, the darts are too high.  Darts are used to create shaping.  As a general rule, bust darts should end approximately 1 inch from the apex of the bust. 


Both the side darts and the darts coming up from the waist are about an inch too high.  That’s an easy enough fix.  More difficult to fix is the problem with the neckline.  This dress is supposed to have a boatneck.  As you can see, it turned out more like a cowl neck on me. 


I think the front started buckling because of the adjustment I made at the back.  The adjustment I made to the back didn’t really fix the problem.  It is still baggy (but not nearly as bad as it was before):


My next post is going to feature my second attempt at this dress.  It is much better!


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