Bow-Tied Blouse #1

I started a sewing blog!  After meeting so many wonderful sewing bloggers at Gertie’s sewing retreat, I decided it was time.  So here goes.

The first post is dedicated to the sweet Bow-Tied Blouse from Gertie’s book.  This is my muslin, which despite not fitting perfectly, I was still able to tweak enough to wear. 


I love it!  This is the first time I’ve sewn French darts (darts that start from the waist).  I really like them. 

But the best feature of this blouse is the buttons up the back. 


I didn’t have enough of this fabric left to cut it out properly so the back is cut on the cross-grain. 

Despite being happy enough with the fit to wear this blouse, I’m going to make it slightly bigger next time.  I’m already working on the next one.  Stay tuned! 







One thought on “Bow-Tied Blouse #1

  1. I love it, Al! Great buttons and great inspiration. Can’t wait to follow where your creative inspiration takes you next! Amy xo

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